Thursday, September 26, 2013

One for Women Writers

Take Joy

Woman  poet, take joy
Because happy is the last thing
Man-culture wants you to be,
Take joy, make joy, call yourself
The new feminist revolutionary.

Woman of the word, take authority
As it will not be given to you in gold –
leaf banquets or cabinet appointments,
take it like a thief in broad daylight,
but never run, never hide.

Woman writing as if your life depended
Upon the language of your dreams
Spoken aloud, take heart, your words
Keep us all alive, give them like the tree
Gives us air to breathe, freely.  


Mayuri Anand said...

Yes! Our words are our power-- the first step to making our dreams real is to speak them out loud.
My new prose poem is a celebration of the goddess inside every woman; it is a wild, mystical autumn night of freedom, sisterhood and love under the stars.

"Fireflies begin their dance in the wildflowers, grasshoppers sway on the bracken; the sun sets as we light the fire for our dance, our time. Tonight is our night. Guests appear in the thicket one by one as if by magic, as if we have all heard the same voice calling us to this place, this time. You aren't sure how you knew to come, or how you found the path; you almost didn’t come, but now you are here..."

read more:

Lynn Sweeting said...

Thanks for your powerful words Mayuri.

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